Handcrafted jewelry and accessories with a focus on nature

Stone and wood are the most common natural materials featured in the collection, but seeds, nuts, roots, shell, bone, horn, and metals are also used in the Earthwear Collection’s designs, along with occasional accents of glass and ceramic.

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Kenetha J. Stanton
Kenetha J. Stanton, artist and owner

Kenetha J. Stanton is the designer and creator behind the Earthwear Collection.

She has a deep love for nature and enjoys working with natural materials of all kinds in her jewelry, prayer beads, and accessories. She appreciates the groundedness that these natural materials bring and is attentive to the many healing and supportive properties of the stones she uses.

In addition to the Earthwear Collection, she is also a kintsugi-inpsired artist and writer at A Kintsugi Life. She uses the image of kintsugi, a Japanese art form that uses gold-filled lacquer to repair broken pottery so that the repaired object is more beautiful and valuable than the original, as a way of more fully appreciating the healing we experience in the wounds life gives us.

She also creates handcrafted soaps from high quality, environmentally responsible natural ingredients. These can be found at Autumn Leaf Botanicals.