Custom orders

Resizing and adjustments

Most items in my current inventory can be resized for better fit by adding or deleting beads in bracelets or changing the length of cords on pendants. Many of these listings already contain instructions for requesting these adjustments in the item’s description. Please follow those instructions to request your adjustment.

If the listing you would like to have re-sized does not contain that option in the listing description, please contact me prior to ordering to make sure that your desired item is one that can be adjusted. Small adjustments can usually be made with no change in price. More significant changes may require an additional charge to cover new parts or supplies. I will notify you of any cost differences when responding to your request.

Custom designs

I enjoy doing custom orders in order to design a new piece or modify and existing jewelry item or accessory to better meet your needs. The most successful custom order work that I do is that which is at least somewhat similar to my usual work because I have the greatest familiarity and practice with those techniques.

To initiate the custom order process, please go to my Earthwear Collection Etsy store and use the Custom Order request button (located underneath the Shop Category listing on the left side of the screen) to initiate the discussion. Once we agree on a design, price, and timing, I can turn that custom order conversation into a private store listing that no one else can see (or purchase) to ensure that you get the piece you wish.