Malachite and matte black onyx stacking stretch bracelet with an antiqued gold Celtic knot focal bead


This bracelet is made from a set of malachite beads surrounding an antiqued gold plated Celtic knot focal bead with matte black onyx beads comprising the rest of the bracelet.

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This bracelet is made from a set of 8 mm round malachite beads surrounding an antiqued gold plated Celtic knot focal bead. Matte black onyx (8 mm round) beads comprise the rest of the bracelet.

They are all strung on a sturdy stretch string for an easy, clasp-less fit by sliding over the hand. The knot that closes the loop has been reinforced with glue for additional sturdiness.

Malachite is a highly valued, natural gemstone in a rich green hue with bands of bright and dark green throughout. The gorgeous color of malachite has been valued since the time of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, used to adorn jewelry and other baubles, as well as eyeshadow when ground into a powdered form. In the metaphysical word, this green gemstone is considered to be a stone of protection and personifies the deep healing powers of nature.

Black onyx is a natural stone with black coloring. It is known for promoting protection, encouragement, and strength.

As shown, it is sized to an inner circumference measurement of between 6.75 and 7 inches where it touches the wrist (see image 4). The size can easily be adjusted with the addition or subtraction of black onyx beads from the back section for no extra charge. If you need a different size, leave a note with the size you desire in the comments area of your order, and I will re-size it for you prior to shipping.

To determine the size you need, wrap a non-stretchy string or cord around your wrist at the place where you would normally wear this bracelet at the looseness at which you would want this bracelet to fit on your arm. Mark the length of string/cord needed to wrap that fit and then measure it on a ruler or tape measure for the inner circumference measurement needed.

Although I have done my best to photograph the color of this item accurately, please allow for variations in monitor settings and for the fact that the photo is taken under high powered lights.

This item comes in a gift box suitable for gift giving.


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