African turquoise, buri root, and cracked agate hand knotted mala in the Tibetan style with a silk tassel


This hand-knotted Tibetan mala is made with African turquoise, buri root, and cracked agate with a handmade silk tassel.

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This mala is made with 108 African turquoise 8 mm round stone beads, a large 20 mm faceted round crackle agate bead in brown and teal green as a guru bead, and 10 mm round buri root beads flanked by gold plated beaded roundels serving as marker beads. The mala is made in the Tibetan style with the 108 beads separated into four sections of 27 beads with the marker beads. The entire mala is hand knotted on brown nylon cord.

The handmade silk tassel is 4 inches long and is made from a mix of green, turquoise, and brown silk thread.

The mala is approximately 21.25 inches long from the top of the loop to the guru bead and 26 inches from the top of the loop to the bottom of the tassel when fully stretched out.

African turquoise is a form of jasper from Africa that comes in a teal color with a matrix so that it resembles turquoise.

The buri root bead is a hand-carved bead from the root of the buri palm tree, which is native to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, northeastern Australia (Cape York Peninsula, Queensland), and the West Indies. These beads can range from brown to black, but these particular specimens are dark brown.

Although I have done my best to photograph the color of this item accurately, please allow for variations in monitor settings and for the fact that the photo is taken under high powered lights.

This item comes in a gift box suitable for gift giving.


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